It started out as a self portraiture project in which I wanted to familiarise myself with my insecurities by showing my outer, versus Inner self. I decided to photograph my insecurities, as well as things about myself I am secure with, and see how the two are able to play with, compliment, and contrast each other. As I progressed with the project, I realised there was something more important being communicated. I was hoping that while facing the parts of myself I did not feel comfortable with, I would also learn to appreciate my features more and find ways to make them beautiful, as well as discover things about my body that I had not noticed before. The blurriness of the images reflecting on the gentleness and kindness I treat myself with, and the sharpness of others, reflects on my criticalness of myself at times. It is through these actions that I observed myself in a way I hadn’t done before.

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